About Us

At Tennis C Williams we strive to create the best tennis racquet bags ever made. We are guided by a belief that on court performance can be improved by the right experience before, during and after you play.  We designed The Rocket tennis racquet bag to deliver that optimal experience.

We are avid tennis players who spent over two years interviewing hundreds of players at all levels about their current bag - what they liked and what they didn’t.  Then we went through 8 rounds of prototyping to get every detail just right.

Most tennis bags follow a tired, staid formula:  Garish colors and large logos that make you a walking billboard; low-grade materials that fall apart and fade after a couple of years so you will buy another bag; questionable design that make some parts of your bag nonfunctional.  

We went the other way. We emphasized high quality materials and construction to make our bag as durable as possible.  Innovative features that make this the smartest and most functional bag available.  And a clean, sleek design that looks stylish.

As you use The Rocket we hope you will experience tennis in a totally new way and raise your on-court performance!


The Founders Dean and David