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Where to Play Tennis During the 2024 Mutua Madrid Open

Have you got your ticket?

Welcome to Madrid, the pulsing heart of tennis excitement this season! As one of the most prestigious clay court tournaments in the world, the Madrid Open draws enthusiastic fans from every corner of the globe. It’s a showcase of grit, talent, and the fiery love of tennis fans everywhere. Held in the magical Caja Mágica, the event is a highlight of the tennis calendar, celebrated for its dynamic atmosphere and high stakes.

Imagine the thrill of witnessing top-tier tennis action, every serve and volley stirring up a storm of cheers. That’s one surefire way to reignite your own passion for the game. Without a doubt, you’ll be itching to hit the courts and live out that excitement yourself while you’re in town.

While the pros dazzle on the courts, why not channel that inspiration into your own game? Madrid offers a myriad of spots where you can swing rackets and hit aces. There’s no better time to play tennis in Madrid than during the electrifying days of the Open.

Caught in the whirlwind of matches and the palpable excitement, we’d all get the urge to grab a racket. The energy of the Madrid Open is contagious.

Places to Play Tennis in Madrid

The city boasts an impressive array of tennis facilities, for all different budgets, close to the Caja Magica, the location of the match. With so many places to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the best of the best.

Club de Campo Villa de Madrid

Nestled just a short drive from the city center, this prestigious club boasts well-maintained clay courts reminiscent of the Madrid Open’s own surfaces. Open to the public for a fee, it’s a perfect place to kick back and relax, and then hit the courts with reinvigorated energy.

Location: Minutes from the downtown area, this club is easily accessible by public transport.

Social areas : 3 main restaurants, 3 bar-cafes, 2 bars at the pools, lounge reading, children's room, children's play areas, dog area, and living rooms.

Courts : 34 courts: 20 clay courts -16 outdoors and 4 indoors-, 4 artificial grass/turf courts -all outdoors-, 10 resin courts -all outdoors- and 1 open-air clay racquetball court .

Ciudad de la Raquet

The largest open racquets sports center in all of Europe, The Ciudad de la Raqueta is known for its vibrant atmosphere and superb facilities and offers both indoor and outdoor courts perfect for all weather play.

  • Location: Located in the northern part of Madrid, a quick taxi ride from the Caja Mágica.
  • Social Areas: An adult pool and a children's pool, with grass areas and a terrace with a cafeteria for pool-goers.
  • Racket City Store: Selling tennis, paddle and running equipment. This is a great place to buy shoes, rackets, and accessories if you forgot any at home.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

The most exciting option is of course the newly built clay court in the central Plaza Mayor. From April 6th to April 26th, a perfect replica of courts at Caja Mágica will be open for public rental in the square.

You can book one-hour sessions through the Playtomic app for just €1, symbolically welcoming everyone in to partake in this amazing experience.

Gerard Tsobanian, the CEO of the Mutua Madrid Open, shared his enthusiasm about the commencement of the setup process, which started early Monday morning on April 1st

Caja Mágica

“The court we installed in Colón last year was a resounding success. The available hours were quickly sold out and all fans were able to play tennis in an incredible setting. This time we have chosen the Plaza Mayor for everything it means for the city, and also on a tourist level. We are convinced that the track will once again surprise everyone.” He said. "I would like to thank the Madrid City Council for its collaboration to make a track a reality that will allow all citizens to step on an identical reproduction of the Manolo Santana."

Madrid Open Tournament Schedule


Plan Your Mutua Madrid Open Trip Around Your Favorite Things

Plan Your Mutua Madrid Open Trip Around Your Favorite Things

As you enjoy another thrilling Madrid Open and the excitement of the match sparks the need for a tennis racquet in your own hands, it's time to lace up those sneakers and dive into the vibrant tennis culture of the city.

Whether you choose the prestigious clay courts at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, get swept up in the lively ambiance of Ciudad de la Raqueta, or strike out for a match at the iconic Plaza Mayor, you're set for an unforgettable tennis adventure.

Volleying back and forth under the Madrid sun, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts and the echoes of professional greatness, we hope you get to enjoy all the Mutua Madrid Open has to offer. Embrace the excitement, challenge your skills as a tennis fan and player, and maybe even make some new friends along the way. The city is buzzing with the love of your favorite sport, ready to welcome you into its fold.

Prepared To Perform Your Best

As you gear up for your own tennis adventures in Madrid, don't forget the importance of having the right equipment by your side. Just as the pros at the Mutua Madrid Open come prepared to perform at their best, you, too, can elevate your tennis experience with gear that understands your needs.

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As you plan your tennis outings in Madrid, consider upgrading to a tennis bag that truly understands you. Visit Tennis C Williams to learn more about how The Rocket can revolutionize your tennis lifestyle, both on and off the court.

With The Rocket by your side, you'll be ready to serve up your best game, whether you're playing in the shadow of the Mutua Madrid Open or on any court around the world.

So, don’t just be a spectator, be a participant. Because here in Madrid, every corner turned is a new match waiting to happen.

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