The Rocket Deep Dive, Part 2

The Rocket Deep Dive, Part 2

Welcome to The Rocket, the Ultimate Tennis Racquet Bag!  In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the overall design, materials, carrying options and Smart Pocket System of The Rocket.  In this article we will do a deep dive into the specifics of the Smart Pocket System.

Rocket Pocket ™ 

The Rocket Pocket™ stores your keys, cellphone, wallet and sunglasses in a convenient and easy to access location.  Every tennis player has thrown their keys and phone into our bag in a rush to get on the court only to “lose” them after they’re done playing.  With the Rocket Pocket™ you’ll always know where your most important are stored.  There’s a zipper pocket for valuables - like a wedding ring.  I put an AirTag in mine.

Rocket Pocket

Racquet Pocket

The thermal-lined racquet pocket fits 3 racquets comfortably, including oversized racquets.  If you typically carry more than three racquets you can store those in the main compartment.

Racquet Pocket


Tennis Ball Pocket

The top of The Rocket is a pocket for tennis balls.  It can fit a couple of cans and some loose balls for warm ups.  Some of the feedback we received was that throwing tennis balls in the main compartment made everything in there - extra clothes, tennis towels etc - smell like a tennis ball (gross!).  

Tennis ball pocket

Wet Pocket

If you play in the heat, sometimes you need to change to a clean shirt, remove your sweaty socks or remove a knee or elbow brace.  The Rocket has a “wet pocket” with an antimicrobial lining for storing wet items.  It’s ventilated so that wet clothes don’t get moldy.

Wet PocketWet pocket ventilation hole

Interior and exterior water bottle pockets

Tennis players need hydration.  The Rocket has an external, neoprene pocket for quick access to your water bottle when you are playing and it has a thermal lined internal pocket for water or small food items..  The internal pocket can be used for water, but it happens to fit a couple of cans of beer or a 750ml wine bottle.

Exterior water bottle pocket.  Interior Water bottle pocket

Small item / Medical Pocket

The Rocket has a smaller accessory pocket where you would typically store medical items, overgrips, dampeners etc.

Small utility medical pocket


Large item / Technology Pocket

The large item utility pocket can be used for larger tennis essentials like knee or elbow braces and it has a pocket sized to store a tablet, laptop or clipboard.  So whether you are doing a little work pre-match, captaining a team or keeping notes on your play, we’ve got you covered.

Large utility tech pocket

Shoe Pocket

The bottom of the Rocket has a ventilated shoe compartment with an antimicrobial lining to store your tennis shoes.

Shoe pocket

Main Compartment

The main compartment of this racquet bag has a “book opening” so it’s easy to see all the contents inside.  It’s roomy and can store almost anything you might want to bring on the court.  If you travel with your bag, it’s a great way to bring pack the overflow from your suitcase.

Main pocket


The Rocket is designed where everything has a designated place to keep your tennis gear organized and keep you before, during and after you play.  It's the only tennis bag that might actually improve your performance!

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