The Rocket tennis racquet bag by Tennis C Williams

The Rocket Deep Dive, Part 1

Welcome to The Rocket, the Ultimate Tennis Racquet Bag!  We’ve spent years getting feedback, designing and prototyping to create one of the most innovative tennis racquet bags ever created.  In this two-part series, we’ll take a deep dive into the unique design of The Rocket and some of the key features that make it the best tennis bag available.


The Rocket is designed to be understated and stylish.  It features an all black color scheme with tennis ball yellow highlights and minimal branding.  The bag is designed to sit upright so that your most commonly tennis essentials are most easily accessible.  The main racquet compartment stores 3 racquets (including oversized racquets) and the main compartment can store more racquets if needed.


The Rocket is designed to offer unparalleled durability, making it one of the best tennis racquet bags on the market.  We use 1680D Ballistic Nylon for the exterior of the bag.  It’s the most durable material you can find and typically seen only in super premium luggage.

The zippers are YKK self-healing zippers, with color coded zipper pulls.  We know that tennis players hate a bag with a broken zipper - nothing is more frustrating.  We use super high quality zippers that will last.  The zipper pulls are color coded:  Tennis ball yellow for racquet and ball pockets, black for everything else.

The interior pockets have been carefully designed with advanced lining materials.  The racquet and interior water bottle pocket use a thermal lining to help maintain temperature contents.  The “Wet pocket” uses an antimicrobial lining.  The exterior water bottle pocket uses a high grade neoprene to accommodate large water bottles.  Even the other compartments use a high contrast lining to help you see what’s inside, a feature of a quality designed tennis bag.

Carrying the Rocket:

The Rocket offers the convenience of a tennis backup with its multiple carrying options.  There is a top handle for hand carrying the bag, a removable shoulder strap and hideable backpack straps.  Since The Rocket is designed to stand upright, there’s also a top handle you can use when moving the bag around.


While The Rocket can stand upright on the tennis court, there’s also a D-ring so you can attach The Rocket to a fence with a carabiner (carabiner not provided).

Smart Pocket System for Tennis Equipment:

With The Rocket, there’s a place for everything you might need and everything has a place.  We’ve created the Smart Pocket System to help every tennis player stay organized with icons that denote the purpose of the pocket.  The Rocket has icon labeled compartments for all sorts of tennis gear, such as racquets, balls, shoes, water, medical, technology, cell phone and sunglasses.  

Read part 2 to see the pocket system in detail.


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