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The Bachelor of Tennis - Joey Graziadei

The final stretch of a match is always the most exciting. Stakes are high as the final moments draw closer, and everyone watching knows that soon, any minute now, the winner will be announced to the world. 

It’s a familiar feeling, and it's not dissimilar to how our leading tennis hero must have felt while filming the episodes of this year's Bachelor season. 

And it’s suffice to say, as it’s all come to a close for Joey Graziadei, that he’s celebrating the win of a lifetime.

With the bold, funny, and charismatic Kelsey at his side, we’ve never been happier for a couple. With her candor and vulnerability, coupled with strength, resilience, and playful wit, we were enamored (like Joey was) by Kelsey from day one. And, in all of Bachelor history, we’re amazed that Joey seems to be the first man to truly be friends with all his exes in a healthy way!

With the grace in which he held himself, from expertly navigating dating 32 women, to reflecting on how to be a good husband, Joey has given us the chance to look back on just how different of a leading man he has shown himself to be.

While there have been great Bachelors in the past, Joey had organically brought something new to the court. A refreshing ease of communication, calm, clear intent with his actions, and a refreshing vulnerability that’s run laps around past leading men of the series. 

Throughout this whole process, Joey had a big decision to make. But so did Kelsey. While getting to know each other, they’ve seen these traits shine through on date after date. But do they make him the right partner for life? And how have the hobbies, lifestyle choices, and goals Joey has fed into shaped his overall character?

As tennis players, we know that natural talent needs to be shaped with intentional practice before someone excels to new heights. Joey seems kind to his core, and with the life he builds for himself, he has exercised those traits to be even stronger. 


Unpacking The Basics- Where Did Joey Graziadei Work Teaching Tennis, and What’s Next?

When he was introduced to us, Joey immediately made an impression as a calming presence with a fun-loving, energetic side. This makes sense, of course, as he used to work with kids! 

Joey was an integral part of the Ensworth School, a private institution located in Nashville, as a tennis coach. After nurturing young talents as their tennis instructor, he seized an opportunity to relocate to Hawaii. 

In July 2022, Joey began a fresh role as a lifestyle and experience ambassador at Kukuiʻula, a vibrant community nestled on the South Shore of Kauaʻi. In this position, detailed on his LinkedIn profile, Joey integrates his diverse skill set by collaborating across various departments at the club. He plays a pivotal role in enhancing community engagement and fostering connections among members through organizing and participating in multiple activities, including pickleball, golf, and his forte, tennis.

With their upcoming move to New York, Joey has a lot of choices as far as future career options go. “I've always wanted to live there and Joey is supporting me in that,” Kelsey said of their relocation. “We're young and I think now is the time to live in a tiny, cramped apartment together and experience it. Even if we hate it, at least we can say we did it.” And hey, maybe he’ll work as a teacher again in the city! Or perhaps have kids of their own.

“He's going to be an amazing father,” Kelsey says. “Joey is very intentful with his words and his actions. He really grounds me. Through this whole experience, I saw so many qualities in him that just really struck me. A lot of those qualities were what my dad showed and I saw them in Joey, which my mom always told me, ‘You need to find somebody that has the same qualities as your dad,’ and I do feel like I found that.”

To have the patience and goofy, youthful charm needed when working with children and organizing leisure events, Joey worked out muscles that would sharpen those same qualities in himself when going on reality TV. What makes Joey stand out is the same easygoing yet sparkling quality that seems to come naturally to him, and they’re the same green flags that made Kelsey trip into love for him.

Confronts Fears Holding Him Back

the RocketIn touch with his emotions and a star player at self-actualizing them, our bachelor's approach to inner work is impressive. He always reflects on his words and how he might come across to people, making a conscious effort to portray himself truthfully, with vulnerability, and with his guard down. 

That being said, he knows the areas in which he struggles. A fear of abandonment stemming from his own time as a contestant on Charity Lawson's Bachelorette season is an Achilles heel Joey is very aware of and open about. Just like how a tennis player needs to mind their bad habits so they can course correct, Joey confronts this anxiety he knows he carries with him and makes sure the women he’s courting are aware of it, too. 

We all have fears, but the healthiest way to confront them is not to run away or bury them. It’s to confront what scares you head-on and take its presence in your life into account while you move forward in boldness. We can confidently say that Joey has stepped into the mindset with flying colors. 

The Desire To Grow and Improve

No one starts life perfectly, and Joey seems to know that intrinsically. During his time on the show, Joey has expressed a desire to grow and call himself higher to be the man he wants to be for his future wife and himself. At the end of the day, this active role he’s taken in bettering himself is the most important quality a person can have in life. 

With natural talent, a person can get by on the court. But to be a professional tennis player, you need to put in the work and have a genuine desire to improve your game. Maturing and stepping into a new season of life is the same. Striving to be better is what produces astronomically more impactful results. 

Communication Skills

the RocketIntroducing so many new people in Joey’s life, all of whom he was tasked to get to know, means coming face to face with some difficult conversations. However, Joey has had a unique ability to take on situations that most people would struggle to navigate.

The women presenting their life stories to him had expressed hesitation in opening up. After all, we’ve all been through things that scare us, and there’s no way of knowing how the person you’re dating will react to them. Will it feel like too much responsibility? Will they pick someone with less baggage?

For Joey, that concern quickly vanished for everyone involved. An active listener, he effortlessly praised every woman who opened up to him for their bravery in sharing even the trickier pieces of their stories. The lovely Daisy Kent, having suffered seizures, was left with a cochlear implant to help correct the hearing loss she lives with, having been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease.

“Communicating was really hard for me, and it was super isolating,” she said. But again, with a gentle heart and interest in her story, Joey made her feel seen and cared for within her struggles.

And his now fiancé Kelsey may have lost her mother, but Joey made it clear that if he were allowed to walk through life with her, her mother’s memory would always be a guiding presence beside them both. And, with the joy on both their faces, it seems he was right.

Communication takes time to master, and Joey seems more than willing to invest the time in those around him with care.

Tennis – The Biggest Green Flag of All

Joey's journey in tennis significantly contributes to his well-rounded personality. After all, this is a game that serves as a dynamic workout for the brain. 

The discipline required in tennis translates losses into learning opportunities, fostering a resilient and growth-oriented mindset. This mental clarity enhances Joey's ability to handle life's challenges and improves his overall emotional and physical well-being.  

And that’s not just an assumption. It’s backed by science! Research has illuminated tennis's role in nurturing mental well-being, with studies revealing its effectiveness in reducing stress, enhancing cognitive function, and fostering advanced social skills. 

For instance, USTA highlights tennis as a catalyst for improved mood and decreased anxiety, laying the groundwork for Joey's remarkable composure and resilience. Not to mention that the social nature of tennis promotes teamwork and communication, skills Joey has mastered, enabling him to navigate the complex emotional landscapes ahead of him with grace. 

We’re Rooting For The Happy Couple

With so much going for him, Joey has captured the heart of a nation. His ability to engage in deep, meaningful conversations, handle the pressures of the spotlight with a grounded presence, and consistently project a positive, attentive, and peaceful demeanor is a testament to his character… and to the psychological benefits ingrained in the sport he loves and has dedicated his life to. 

On the court, our leading man shapes his skills. Off the court, he reaps the benefits of a balanced, healthy clarity that he can carry with him into this exciting next chapter of life.

“We have a shared note and we both add to it,” Kelsey says. “There's dance classes, pottery classes, grocery shopping — little things together and the big things. I'm just excited to do life together and just run to the store together.”

And we know that wherever life brings Kelsey and Joey, from honeymooning in Italy to their apartment in New York, it’ll be reinforced with a type of intention, care, and a well-roundedness genuinely refreshing to see in a Bachelor. 

Hey, maybe we should always marry a tennis player!

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