National Tennis Month Essentials: Tennis Bag Gear

Celebrating National Tennis Month with 31 Days of Tennis Bag Essentials

The USTA recognizes May as National Tennis Month, and with nearly 24 million people having participated in tennis last year—20% of them being first-time players—it’s the perfect time to encourage even more players to pick up a racquet and hit the courts.

To honor this special occasion, we celebrated May with a campaign spotlighting the must-have tennis bag gear and accessories that get players pumped to play. Every day in May, we invited tennis players to join us on Instagram as we revealed one essential item from our tennis bag. The idea was simple: give new players a glimpse into our playing style, passion, and, more importantly, how we keep things fun! To make things even more interesting, we turned the question around and asked you: What’s in your tennis bag?

In this blog, we’re excited to share the highlights from our Instagram series and present our co-founder’s ultimate list of tennis gear must-haves for your tennis bag. Plus, you’ll discover the importance behind a well-constructed tennis bag like The Rocket and how its innovative features, like its smart pocket system and the Rocket Pocket™, help ease on- and off-court organization so you stay focused on your game. 

What’s in Your Bag

Many factors influence the gear that goes into our bags, such as skill level, playing style, whether we play singles or doubles, weather, etc. Some players may travel with the bare essentials–racquet, tennis balls, water bottle–if they are playing a quick match. Others may need a backpack-style tennis bag with a spacious main compartment to carry extra apparel, towels, and more. When we have all our go-to gear, we can’t help but feel confident about the match we’re about to play. 

When we invited our community to participate in our "What's in Your Bag" challenge, @me4chins answered the call and gave us a tour of his bag’s contents.

Check out his submission here: 

A Complete List of Tennis Bag Essentials 

Even though the contents of everyone's tennis bag are unique, most of us carry similar essentials. Below, we've compiled the ultimate list of tennis gear that can boost your performance on the court. Grab your tennis bag or backpack and see how many of these items you already have! 


  • Tennis Racquets: Some tennis players may have the same model with different string tension, different models to meet weight and balance preferences, or backups ready when they need a fresh grip.
  • Tennis Balls: Don’t be that partner – store an extra can or two in your bag.
  • Tennis shoes: Invest in a good pair that provides comfort and enhances movement on the court. 

Racquet Gear/Accessories 

  • Overgrips: Keep your favorite brand handy if your racquet’s grip gives out. 
  • Grip Tape: Be ready for a full re-gripping with backup grip tape. 
  • Tennis String: Restring your racquet with your preferred brand.
  • Dampeners: Store backups to adjust to your playing style. 

Pre-Game Prep

  • Measuring Tape: Keep the tennis net in check. 
  • Bug Spray: Prevent bug bites. 
  • Hair Ties/Scrunchies: Keep long hair in place with extra in your bags. 
  • Lip Balm: Protect your lips during windy days.  
  • Sweatpants: Stay comfortable during chilly mornings/evenings. 
  • Sweatshirt: Add a sweatshirt to your warmup. 

Sun Protection

  • Sunscreen: Avoid sunburn and decrease your risk of skin cancer with extra sunscreen in your bags.
  • Hat/Visor: Protect your face from harmful UV rays. 
  • Sunglasses: A good pair of polarized sunglasses will help control glare. 

Sweat Management

  • Deodorant: Prevent unwanted odor when you’re playing in a group setting.
  • Extra Socks: A fresh pair can make a big difference and help avoid blisters and sore feet.
  • Headband: Keep sweat out of your eyes. 
  • Wristband: Don’t forget wristbands. 
  • Tennis Towel: Keep a towel handy to wipe off sweat and regulate your body temperature. 

Pain Management

  • Knee/Elbow Brace: Pack support braces in your bags for joint protection and injury prevention.
  • Aspirin: Keep some in your bags for sudden headaches or old injury flare-ups.
  • Pain Relief Gel: Be ready for flare-ups. 

Hydration & Fueling 

  • Water: Stay hydrated, especially in hot and humid environments. 
  • Electrolyte Drinks or Tablets: Don’t forget to replenish electrolytes. 
  • Protein Bars: Pack a few bars to maintain energy. 

Personal Items 

  • Car Keys: Don’t leave home - or the court - without your wallet and keys. 
  • Phone: It's always by your side. 
  • Pen: For strategizing and score sheets.

For Fun

  • Beer: Celebrate with cold brews post-game. You’ve earned it!

Protect Your Gear and Stay Organized with The Rocket 

When you’re hitting the court regularly, you need a bag that can protect your gear and make you look good season after season. At Tennis C Williams, we prioritize high-quality materials, durability, and functionality. Our smart pocket system uses icons to label the purpose of every compartment so you don’t have to remember where you stored things. We’re especially proud of the Rocket Pocket, which holds your keys, wallet, phone, and sunglasses in an easy-to-access pocket. When players like @me4chins hear about this feature, they want it.


- me4chins

Game, Set, Match: Your Ultimate Tennis Bag Awaits

It was great fun celebrating National Tennis Month, showing our go-to gear and tennis accessories, and learning about yours! 

If your current bag doesn't hold all your court equipment or keep you organized, it may be time to upgrade to The Rocket tennis bag. Need more convincing? Head over to our reviews page and see what our customers have to say!  

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