Announcing The Rocket by Tennis C Williams

Announcing The Rocket by Tennis C Williams

It’s Day 1 for Tennis C Williams and our new tennis racquet bag, The Rocket.  We couldn’t be more excited!

Our company, though new, has introduced a tennis racquet bag hybrid that has been meticulously crafted. The Rocket isn’t just any tennis racket bag; it’s the culmination of 100s of player interviews, 8 rounds of prototyping and over a year of live testing.  We used the feedback to create the most innovative tennis bag maybe ever.  We’re confident that The Rocket is the Ultimate Tennis Bag.

What makes The Rocket stand out on the tennis court?

After interviewing 100s of players, some common themes emerged that guided our design approach.  We wanted to build a bag designed by passionate tennis players for players who really care about their performance and the equipment that supports it.  Here are some of the things we learned.

  1. Most tennis bags fall apart after a couple of years - The majority of tennis bags are made of low cost materials that degrade quickly.  Look around on any court and you’ll see bags that have lost their structure (floppy bags), have tears, rips and abrasion marks, broken zippers or faded fabric.  We wanted The Rocket to emphasize high quality materials and unparalleled durability.
  2. Most tennis bags have obvious shortcomings - We looked at dozens of tennis bags and it’s shocking to see some of the curious design decisions.  Bags with a water bottle pocket too small to hold a water bottle (or no water bottle pocket at all!).  Pockets with no obvious purpose that aren’t functional.  Bags where the things you need most are the hardest to access.  We want The Rocket to be the most functional tennis bag available.
  3. Most tennis bags are UGLY - Maybe some people like being a walking billboard but we think there’s a market for people who don’t want a bag with garish colors and huge logos.  It’s especially unsatisfying when your bag brand and racquet brand don’t match.  We wanted The Rocket to be stylish and understated.

We believe that The Rocket is about improving your on-court performance by helping stay organized before, during and after you play.  If you can stay more focused on the court, and avoid distractions (where’s my sweatband?   I can’t find my car keys?  Why does my towel smell like a tennis ball?) then you can perform better on the court.

Try The Rocket and you be the judge.  We think you’ll experience tennis like you never have before.  It’s the Ultimate Tennis Racquet Bag.

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